Friday, January 25, 2019

The Next Step

As I approach the last pages of my life I’m taking a closer look at how I want that life to be. I’ve spent most of my life working in IT which has always been my lifelong dream. In my sixth grade autograph book, I wrote my profession to be as computer programmer. I had no idea what that was at that time but it had something to do with computers and that’s all I wanted to do. So after almost 50 years in the IT business I am now retired. So how many years are left? 15, hopefully 20. Considering how fast the last 20 years flew by, its not a lot of time. 

My world view has gotten more focused. After spending some time raising, chickens, ducks and turkeys I’m not all that thrilled in how we mass produce meat for consumption. The factory process of herding thousands of live animals to their slaughter, in unimaginable conditions is barbaric. So I’m taking small steps to remove meat from my diet. It will be hard but I’m willing to give it a shot.

 Trophy hunting, acts of violence towards women, LGBT community, minorities, the incredible insane political mood and overall national zeitgeist, makes me wanna stick my head in the sand. So I’m conflicted. Take a break from the ‘world’, for at least two years, or keep staying informed and slowly go completely crazy. No answer in sight, unless... There are things I still want to do. I don’t think FL is our last place. Even with the insanity of the last year, you would think I would wanna just chill and help M with her veg garden, maybe raise some more chickens. We’re already thinking about moving on from here. 

 I want to keep my blogs going. I have two of them. I want to keep my YouTube channels up to date, I have three of those. Plus Google Photos and ShutterFly. So there are things I still want to do online. But I think its time to do other things as well. I usually don’t go outside, the graphics are not as good. Having said that there are some things I wanna do. I also want to liquidate and finally get that RV we’ve been talking about for years. I really want to spend some time living in the Pacific Northwest. But living on a Social Security income just makes it rough. So gotta pay down some debt and see what we can do.

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