A Kiss is Just a Kiss

As Time Goes By…
“You must remember this
A kiss is just a kiss; a sigh is just a sigh.
The fundamental things apply
As time goes by.”
Music and words by Herman Hupfeld Sung by Dooley Wilson

I don’t necessarily believe a ‘kiss is just a kiss’. I don’t believe a kiss can be
minimized to ‘just a kiss’.

A kiss is the most intimate act two people can have with each other. Forget,
intercourse, heavy petting, oral sex, they are inconsequential to what a kiss
can mean.

A passionate kiss can get lost in today's day and age. Seems like it’s just an
after thought just to get to the ‘good stuff’.

The right kiss, at the right time with the right person will last a lifetime in
your memory. You will never forget it. There are certain kisses I will never

Most of the girls I’ve kissed, kissed just fine, some were spectacular, some
mediocre, but none were downright bad. But each one was so special.
That first time. That first kiss. As you lean in and you feel the warmth of her
face. The warmth of her breath. The softness of her lips. No rushing through,
just a slow and longing touch of two lips making contact. The tongues ever
so slightly feeling their way around each other. Not wanting to stop. Not a
sloppy kiss, but a slow, sensitive, tasting of each other that one will never
forget. The intensity getting stronger, the lips pressing together tighter and
tighter. Its at that moment the brain records that moment, never to be exactly
duplicated again, you can only hope to equal it somehow.

Then that first kiss is over, and you want to do it again and again and again.

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