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Our First Newsletter

Includes the future of Middle Village pins, all things that are nerdy and geeky

by Steve Ronzino on June 08

Pins started arriving to people the week of June 08.

Feedback has been great, it seems like people like

them. I’m looking forward to sending out more pins.

Pins are $5.00 each, postage is $3.80.

All secure correspondence

is done via facebook messenger.

Payment is made thru PayPal directly to my account. 

How Can I Help?

by Steve Ronzino on June 08

PC issues? MacBook issues? I may be able to help. TeamViewer is a product

that allows me to access your system to perform diagnostics. Based on what is found I can

recommend further action.

There is no cost for the preliminary diagnostic. Pricing is based on what needs to be done.


by Steve Ronzino on June 08

The data on your system, documents, pictures, videos and more all reside on your internal

disk drive. Best practice for backing up your data is three copies. One on the internal

hard drive, another copy in cloud storage and the third copy on a removable disk.

Let me show you how.

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