“It Must Be In the Water” 

“From Brooklyn to Queens”

Living in Brooklyn in the fifties was a short stay for me. I lived on Stagg Street, in the Williamsburg section from when I was born in 1953 to 1957. We lived over a grocery store in a railroad flat apartment. Spent a lot of time outside on the street playing while my mother hung out the window to keep an eye on me. After all I was just three or four. Yeah, you could do that back then.
My Mom’s friends, Frenchy and Martha, lived down the street. We would visit them a lot over the years. As they sat around and drank coffee and talked, I was downstairs on the stoop hanging out with Dirty Joanie.
After we moved to Middle Village, we came back to Brooklyn a lot to visit, go shopping on Moore Street, go to the dentist and visit my grandmother who lived on Grand Street. On Grand Street was the fish store and they had the best French Fries. We would get a dollars worth in a brown paper bag.
We visited Frenchy and Martha a lot. Dirty Joanie li…